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“5 Proven Ways to Increase Your IMPACT, INCOME, and INFLUENCE”

Are you a Pastor or ministry leader with a growing vision, but there remain roadblocks that impede your progress?

The common roadblocks that pastors face are in these 3 major categories:

  1. How to Gain and Retain more PEOPLE
  2. How to Gain and Retain more FINANCES
  3. How to Gain and Retain more LEADERS.

You are not alone, during my 13 years of pastoring a church in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, I also struggled with the same 3 areas until I found a proven system that helped turn things around and get the results that I desired.

This webinar is power-packed with transformational information that will provide you with a simple, effective system that I, along with numerous ministry leaders from around the world, have used that is guaranteed to help you INCREASE ATTENDANCE, which will translate to more FINANCES, and show you how you can INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE in your community and get the results that you desire!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to identify the behavioral patterns of the 4 personality styles.
  • The "Secret Fuel" basic needs of each personality style.
  • How to effectively and uniquely lead each personality style
  • and more!

All of this in 60 minutes

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What People Are Saying:


Scott Ochsner

Lead Pastor - Forgiven Church, Indiana

Carita Peden

Senior Manager - TD Ameritrade, Dallas

Randy Blubaugh

Vice President of Human Resources, Dallas